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ABS plastic cable junction box series HANSE-KPL gray by BOXEXPERT

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Discover the Hanse-KPL series from BOXEXPERT, which offers waterproof junction boxes for quick and safe installation. These cable junction boxes are a standard tool for electricians and are suitable wherever electrical cables need to be brought together. The waterproof junction boxes of the Hanse-KPL series are made of halogen-free and UV-resistant ABS plastic with high impact resistance (IK07), which makes them robust against the effects of the weather. With protection class IP66, they offer effective protection against dust, contact and water.

The housing wall of the Hanse-KPL cable junction boxes has various metric knockouts (sizes M20 to M50), which enable easy wiring of the cables without affecting the protection class. The pre-drilled holes can be easily opened with a screwdriver without the need for additional drilling.

In addition to the metric knockouts, the Hanse-KPL series includes suitable sealing membranes in the scope of delivery. These serve as an alternative to cable glands and are suitable for cables that are not subject to movement or tensile stress. The sealing membranes are inserted into the holes and enable easy cabling without the need for special tools.

The Hanse-KPL series also offers the H02 option with pre-assembled 5-pin connection terminals in various sizes to carry out wiring without wasting time. The connection terminal varies depending on the housing size and offers cross sections from approx. 2.5mm² to over 35mm² at 250VAC (single-phase).

With its modern design and functional features, the Hanse-KPL series is an ideal solution for outdoor and wet room applications that require quick installation and secure protection.



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